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Faculty of Political Science and Journalism

Our Faculty is one of the youngest among the 15 faculties of Adam Mickiewicz University. However it proudly continues traditions of the institute of political science and journalism,
which has been founded in 1967.

1002At present we teach over 4200 students in four majors: Political Science, International Relations, Journalism, Social Communication, National Security and Public Governance.
The faculty is one of the most modern academic centers in Poland. It has an impressive technical background – own television studio, radio studio, two computer rooms provided with Apple computers and a well-equipped library with a growing department in foreign languages. It is also friendly to students with its charming patio with fountain and spaces for group works as well as the recently created students’ art gallery.

The faculty employs over 80 researchers and lecturers, who work in fields such as: contemporary political history, European integration research, German studies, international economic relations, journalism, local government research, political science methodology, political culture, political marketing and socio-techniques, political systems, press systems and press law, social and economic policy, strategic studies and political theory.

There are six news teams of student media operating at the Faculty, ranging from printed (Bardzo Uniwersyteckie Czasopismo, Fenestra) to virtual (Sic! E-gazeta studencka) to radio (Radio Meteor) and television (Flesz, Kurier Akademicki). Students can develop their academic passions in as many as ten scientific student circles and seven academic journals operating at the Faculty. Additionally, the Faculty hosts several dozen academic conferences annually, including international events.

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