Dear applicants.

Below you will find the list of applicants that have been selected to the second round of the application process. Our reviewers, the Faculty of Political Science & Journalism (AMU) and Stony Brook University would like to thank you all for applying. The selection process was very difficult with only 16 places (11 regular and 5 for Erasmus Mundus Alumni) to be divided among more than 200 applicants from all over the world. We also thank you all for your patience.

We congratulate those selected applicants and wish them good luck in the second round. You will be contacted individually with more details, so please check your e-mail regularly.

We – once again – thank those applicants that did not get accepted and hope that these results do not discourage you from taking part in future projects.

Best regards,

The News Literacy Team

Overview of the winners

Marija Apostolova
Abdeslam Badre
Suren Deheryan
Lusine Grigoryan
Anna Huth
Jelena Jorgacevic Kisic
Kseniia Lukach
Elmar Melisovich Osmonov
Tanya Kapelyushna*
Sergei Prokhozhii*
Natalia Samarguliani*
Mamuka Saparidze*
Inna Sukhenko
Liljana Tancheva
Askhat Yerkimbay
Liudmyla Zagoruiko*

(Alphabetical list of selected candidates. Those marked with * are Erasmus Mundus Alumni)




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