Volume 4: The Legacy of The Arab Spring: New Forces and Fault Lines

Volume 4, Issue 1 2016

Dear Readers,

We proudly present our newest edition of R/evolutions for 2016: “The Legacy of the Arab Spring: New Forces and Fault Lines” Its timing coincides with the remembrance of the start of the Arab Spring set ablaze by the young, desperate Tunisian street vendor, Mohammed Buozizi on 17 December 2010. In this journal’s ‘Regional Issue’ a splendid set of authors highlights various dimensions of the Arab uprisings and what we know after more than five years about the popular protests, regime contention, and counter-revolutions in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

The topic editors would first of all like to thank the authors and anonymous reviewers for their enthusiastic participation in this project. The results of their original contributions have coalesced into this multi-faceted edition with various approaches, which together shed some interesting new light on this important topic. 

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Kind regards from the topic editors

Lasha Markozashvili

Jeroen Van den Bosch