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 AMU’s Program for Erasmus Mundus Alumni

The Transatlantic Mobility Office has developed a program for its Erasmus Mundus (EM) Alumni. The office has launched a contest for three scholarships to the brand new Summer Institute of News Literacy (AMU) in Poznan that will start in the first halve of July 2018 (see important deadlines for exact dates.) EM Alumni from the EMINENCE programs have the opportunity to apply for these scholarships. These scholarships are directed in particular to educators at Higher Education Institutions that aim to introduce News Literacy to their students in their classes. The best three applicants will be selected in two rounds (like for other applicants), and their tuition fee, travel costs, food and accommodation will be covered by by AMU. 

The Summer Institute of News Literacy is a joint initiative of Stony Brook University (SBU) in New York and the Faculty of Political Science & Journalism (AMU). The institute offers an intensive workshop on News Literacy for an international participant, with teachers trained at the Center for News Literacy in SBU. This crash-course aims to improve the critical thinking skills of its participants. The course will start with how we should engage critically with the increasingly digitalizing world we live in. How do we know if the news is real, when is it exaggerated, how can we tell if its sources are dubious if someone tries to fool us? These skills will be extended to any kind of digital information.

Every participant will be trained to develop a set of analytical skills to become a critical citizen. The course is discipline neutral – It does not matter what studies the EM Alumnus/a has finished, everybody can benefit from this intensive training, both students and academic or technical staff. After the course these EM Alumni will take these skills back home, just like with Erasmus Mundus, where they can teach them to others, be it fellow students, friends, colleagues or pupils. As Alumni of the summer institute they will have access to the institute’s database with work materials, should they decide to teach the course themselves in their home country.

The application process will take place in three stages.

Stage 1. EM Alumni Applicants will have to send an online application form to the Summer Institute in addition to their CV and copy of passport. all information on how to apply can be found HERE

Stage 2. The final selection will take place through skype-interviews, after which three candidates will be selected. 

When selected, the Summer Institute for News Literacy will publish the list of accepted candidates (and a reserve list), after which the Transatlantic Mobility Office (AMU) will arrange their visit.

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