Volume 3, Issue 1 2015  

Global Trend: Beyond BRICS: New and Rising Global Powers

sjsjjWith the roaming conflict in Ukraine and the Chinese stirring up geopolitics in the South China Sea, we can almost feel the tectonic plates of the global order scraping past each other. If we look at the BRICS, the maturing organization that links these actors with each other and two other continents, we ask ourselves how this fits into the picture? What are the consequences of BRICS’ emergence? Does it signify a shift in the global distribution of economic and military power? Is there really something like a BRICS bloc in international economic and political relations? If yes, then what it stands for? Does it challenge the current US-led international order? The first part of this Global Trend: BRICS – More than an Acronym? focuses on the existing organization and its behavior to assess if they are more than the sum or their parts. The second part: In the Shadow of BRICS – Future global actors will look at “what makes BRICS tick,” and identify some opportunities, but mostly challenges for the next echelon of global powers.


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