New media as an instrument of social and political change, Panel of the 14th European Political Conference “EUROPE of the XXI CENTURY”  Słubice, February 7th 2014

     3rtOur participation in Europe of the XXIst Century 2014 edition didn’t end with one Round Table meeting. Our editorial team has also organized a second panel with aim of popularizing knowledge on subject which will feature in our journal’s second issue, namely the new media and their social impact. Europeans (especially the younger generations) are living in an increasingly interlinked and dynamically evolving information environment. The rise of new (so-called social) media has transformed the way in which people create, disseminate and receive information. These developments have raised as many doubts as hopes. For this exact reason we have convened this Round Table. It was meant to raise awareness concerning new media and the ways in which they change our society. A group of young and experienced researchers has undertaken the task of presenting various studies on the subject and then responded to audience’s comments in the Q&A session. Round Table’s participants expressed deep satisfaction with the quality of ensuing discussion.


Participants and presentation titles:

dr Agnieszka Stępińska- New media, new roles for journalists and citizens- new normative theories?
msc Eliza Kania- Technolgies of freedom?- New and social media as a factor determining the social changes in the seconf decade of the XXIst Century
msc Agnieszka Filipiak- Cyber-utopianism or networks of hope?- Democratisation role of new media in E. Morozov’s and M. Castells’s thought
dr Ewa Jurga-Wosik- Internet as a source of information about administrative law procedures in EU institutions
dr Jacek Wyszyński- Content Analysis System for Television as a tool of media analysis
msc Paweł Łokić- Education through new media- development of knowledge or threat for objectivism?