On March 20th-21st 2014 Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań has hosted an International Conference: “Old and New forms of Dependency – Attempts at forecasting.” It was the crucial stage in a project proposed and implemented by the academic journal “R/evolutions: Global Trends & Regional Issues” in partnership with SGroup European Universities’ Network and the aforementioned Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.

1OLD AND NEW FORMS OF DEPENDENCYIts chief objectives have been the facilitation of academic mobility between SGroup member universities, co-development of research competencies in the field of social sciences and establishment of long-term cooperation in this field among SGroup members.  For this purpose “R/evolutions” Editorial Team has invited scientists from universities participating in SGroup network to present the results of their research concerning both historic and current forms of dependency observed in the international system and present them at the conference held in Poznań (the birthplace of the journal, and seat of its main partner: Faculty of Political Science and Journalism of Adam Mickiewicz University). This event has provided a venue for two intensive days of presentations, lively discussions, research workshops and community integration.


The conference has been attended by more than 20 participants who represented diverse set of scientific institutions. The host university has fielded a strong representation of both young and more experienced scientists. Great value has been brought by three experienced researchers from other SGroup members: Daniela Irrera (Assistance Professor of Political Science and International Relations at University of Catania, Italy), Larry Ray (Professor of Sociology, University of Kent, UK) and Mikael Spång (Assistant Professor in Political Science, Malmö University, Sweden). Many participants came from institutions not affiliated with SGroup Network, both Polish (University of Warsaw, University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw and Warsaw University of Life Sciences) and Ukrainian (aras Shevchenko National University of Kiev). The conference provided an opportunity for them to learn about SGroup’s aims and activities.

21tłoParticipants have presented a diverse range of papers, which have coalesced around six topic areas: world system & dependency theories; global norm diffusions: democratization and good governance; dependency in the Middle East & Asia; the post-colonial mind and dependency in the Slavic world.  The panelists, together with Faculty’s students, participated in a workshop led by prof. Larry Ray on the topic of “Colonial Violence, Post-colonial Violations and the Global system.” In its course a wide range of questions has been raised concerning the state of the global system and the possibilities for alternative resolutions of present crises, especially how to avoid escalating violence across the world?

Final results of the project will take the form of an edited volume composed of papers presented during the conference, which will be published online by the journal “R/evolutions”. Moreover the participants have decided to continue their cooperation through further initiatives (conferences and workshops) pursued in the SGroup framework which will be open for all network’s members to join.