R/evolutions Round Table, „In the shadow of the Great Game”- Internal dynamics of Central Asia, Panel of the VIIth International Scientific Conference Asia in the XXIst Century Challenges, Dilemmas, Perspectives Toruń, 17.05.2013


1Round Table - ToruOur second Round Table meeting had been held in Toruń, during an international scientific conference devoted to Asian studies. In the course of seven editions this event turned into an important forum in which European and Asian experts can exchange views on growing ties between their regions. The deliberations and their results in form of published books have contributed to raising awareness of Asia-Europe ties among the public. For this reason we have decided to organize another R/evolutions Round Table meeting as a part of this conference. Our choice of topic had been influenced by growing significance of Central Asia for the EU in political, economic and social spheres, as well as by flourishing people to people contacts with region’s countries, evidenced by, among other things, in a strong presence of Central Asian students at Polish universities. We have invited a group of young experts from Polish universities to present their analyses of Central Asia’s political, economic and security dynamics. In this way we wanted to raise public awareness about a region of growing importance to Europe, but at the same time relatively unknown and somewhat mysterious to most Europeans. Once again, a lively exchange of ideas and comments among panelists and the audience proved to be a measure of our success.  

Participants and presentation titles:

Martyna Weronika Kuna (M.A.) Institute of International Studies, Warsaw University- Ethno-diplomacy instrumentalizing the region’s minorities
Marta Zobeniak (M.A.) – Perspectives on human rights in Central Asia with special regard to Kyrgyzstan
Maciej Karczewski (M.A.)- Emerging regional security complex in Central Asia
Jeroen Van den Bosch (M.A)- Behind the Iron Fist – Regime Type and Democratization in Central Asia