GHAZAL: Untangling the Leviathans of the Arab Spring

This interview with Professor A. Ghazal ‘untangles’ the different roles the drivers of the revolutions (the people in the streets), elites, political regimes and external actors have played in these rapidly unfolding events after 2001. Too soon the people lost their agency or their voices were muffled by the sound of guns. Still, in order to understand the ‘real’ Arab Spring, one has to acknowledge their original role, and the wide support base the uprisings had in many countries across the Middle East. 

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“Untangling the Leviathans of the Arab Spring,” interview with Amal Ghazal by Lasha Markozashvili, R/evolutions: Global Trends & Regional Issues, Vol 4, No. 1, 2016, (ISSN: 2449-6413), pp. 62-71.

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