DR MASATO KAJIMOTO’S VISIT TO the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, AMU

We have the pleasure to announce the upcoming visit to the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań by our dear colleague, a  distinguished journalist and scholar of media studies, Dr Masato Kajimoto from the University of Hong Kong. This project is connected to last year’s visit of Richard Hornik in two ways. Dr Kajimoto is an active participant of the global News Literacy network. He heads the Asia Pacific Digital Citizens Project which is a platform for the popularization of News Literacy education in that part of the globe. His visit to Poznań is made possible by funding coming from city of Poznań’s Academic Poznań project.

Dr. Kajimoto specializes in news literacy education, multimedia storytelling, and social media in journalism. Born and raised in Nagoya, Japan, he studied journalism at the University of Missouri-Columbia in the US. Before joining academia he worked for numerous years as a journalist for CNN where he  produced the “Special Report” web pages. He obtained a PhD in Sociology from the University of Hong Kong where he currently works at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre. Dr. Kajimoto combines his practical experience with academic expertise through such initiatives in field works by student media teams (for example a trip to Japan to cover the anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake for international news organizations such as CNN and AFP in March 2012). Right now he leads a Massive Open Online Course “Making Sense of News” developed from the News Literacy curriculum.


On May 4th 2015 Dr. Kajimoto will give a public lecture in the aula of the Faculty of Political Science and Journalism AMU (it will start at 13.15), entitled: “Are we all journalists now? Rethinking the role of journalism in mediating public conversations.” Dr. Kajimoto will examine how the technological advancement has shifted the paradigm of mass communication around the world by looking at citizens’ involvement in the recent international news events. He will pay particular attention to the civil disobedience movement of 2014 in Hong Kong as a case study to illustrate the changing role of journalists and the news media in the age of social media and mobile technology.

We kindly invite everybody to participate in the lecture and discussion.  


4th of May 2015, Aula WNPiD, 13:15